Anytime you want to add or modify this information, just follow these simple instructions: From Seller Central, go to the Seller Account Information page. In the Business Information section, click the links for the information you want to add or modify.

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How do I change my business entity on Amazon?

How to update your legal entity information in Amazon Seller Central?

  1. You'll need to go your Amazon's Seller Central:, please select `Setting`, `Account info`, and click on `Legal Entity`.
  2. It will display the confirmation message after you update your information.

Can I change the LLC on Amazon?

By getting in touch with the seller support team, you can switch from being a sole proprietor to an LLC on Amazon. Youll need to give them things like your articles of organization, LLC operating agreement, EIN, and business bank information, and they can put you in touch with the verification contact team.
Can I change my Amazon business account to a personal account?
Customers can switch between their personal accounts and business accounts on the same app without signing out of any accounts by using the Amazon Shopping app.

To edit your business profile, follow these steps:

  1. Click Account Info after selecting the Settings tab.
  2. Click Edit next to Business Profile Amazon Pay.
  3. Your updates are saved after you select or enter them and click Update. Note: You can click Cancel if you change your mind and want to undo your changes.

Can I change company on Amazon seller account?
Will there be different directors? If so, it may be best to ask Amazon for advice in advance before setting up a new account because you cannot transfer ownership of an Amazon Seller Account.
Can I change my Amazon seller store name?
You can change your Store Display Name by clicking Edit next to each Marketplace (country in which you sell your products) listed under Seller Account Information. You can also change the Storefront Link. Under Seller Account Information, it will say Welcome, [Brand Name]. Click on Edit next to your Brand Name.
Can I change my business name on merch by Amazon?
Yes, you can change your company name. Are you changing it for all business purposes, or just for
Can you change Amazon business account to personal?
Downgrading from a Professional selling plan to an Individual selling plan may cause a change in your payment cycle, but it is simple to make the switch. On the Seller Account Information page, in the Your Services section on the left, click Manage.
How do you change a brand name?
5 Steps to Rename Your Business the Right Way

  1. Start with brand strategy. Before you can ever develop a new name for your business, you have to get clear on your company's identity.
  2. Choose a new company name.
  3. Design and implement the visual identity for the brand.
  4. Share the updates with your stakeholders.

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Can you change Amazon business type?

If you want to change your legal entity, I would suggest that you open a case first and let Amazon guide you through the process.23 Sept 2020 However, if you want to change your Amazon business address, I would suggest that you do not do it without permission from Amazon.

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